Healthy cooking is actually the easiest thing in the world to do. You don’t need fancy recipes, fancy ingredients or fancy cooking utensils in order to make quick and easy healthy meals. And by tips to cooking healthy meals, we mean delicious meals that involve everything you love – not the bland, tasteless crap that most people think constitutes healthy meals. The biggest tip to cook healthy meals is to keep it simple. I use to believe that the biggest tip to cook healthy meals is to listen to your mother till I came across several stories about how “the best thing about home cooked meals is that they are oily and greasy and there’s nothing healthy in them.” There’s a case of a mother not wanting her child if I ever say one. None of these tips to cooking healthy meals will be new and should help you make your favorite dishes healthy.

10 Quick Tips to Cooking Healthy Meals

Buy fresh ingredients: Stay away from processed ingredients especially for the cereal and vegetables components.
Keep it simple: Deep-frying broccoli won’t make it healthy anymore. Focus on how you cook it not what you’re cooking. Always look to use easily available veggies.

Buy lean cuts: Always trim the fat an get rid of the skin when buying chicken or meat.
Send it the subs: Skim milk, low fat yoghurt and other such substitutions will ensure that the taste remains without extra calories.

Use whole cereals: It’s not just about the number of calories, it’s also where they’re coming from. Pick whole wheat over processed wheat, whole wheat pasta and brown rice over white rice to up the “health” quotient by adding dietary fiber to your meal.

Check your meal’s balance: A healthy meal involves a complete meal made of healthy dishes – whole wheat cereal, chicken/meat/fish and vegetables.

Not just salt: Look to season and flavor your food with spices rather than loading up on salt.

Check the oil: Your diet should have certain amount of fats in them. Ensure that your get good fats through cooking with olive oil or peanut oil.

Don’t deep fry: Grilling, stir-frying, roasting are just some of the ways that you can cut deep-fried food out of your day.

Not just one meal: In order to ensure that you eat right every day, look to cook vegetables in bulk so that you have enough for the entire week.

In order to stick with the habit of cooking healthy meals and to make cooking healthy meals part of your lifestyle, you need to ensure that things are simple. Complicated recipes happen on occasion but never become the norm. What these tips to cooking healthy meals should do is encourage you to not waste time looking for “healthy recipe books” or “healthy dishes” but to encourage you to look to make healthy versions of everything that you like – which is what the entire Food section is about.

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