An effective workout comes down to intensity. No trainer will honestly be able to admit that you need to workout for two hours a day in order to see results. With “no time” being cited as the most common reason that people don’t work out, if anything, it’s in trainers’ interest to design shorter, more effective workouts. So, if you’ve noticed people who are there in the gym when you arrive and are still working away after you’re done and ready to leave, don’t think that they’re putting in more work than you. Chances are that you’ve got a more effective workout than them. At the same time, all short workouts aren’t effective by default. So if you’re getting your trainer to design a short workout for you, make sure that it’s effective.


Effective cardiovascular workouts require your heart rate to be at a more than normal i.e. elevated rate. Therefore, running for 15minutes will be a more effective short workout compared to say walking or jogging for an hour. The reason Interval Training is such a popular workout is because it ensures that your heart rate is elevated and you are able to complete the workout in a much shorter time compared to most other cardio routines.


Another effective workout strategy is to combine exercises. Compound exercises form a part of all short, effective workouts because they target several muscles and body parts at the same time. Another reason for compound exercises being popular is that they usually utilize your body weight i.e. they make for great travel workouts as well. Another effective combination strategy is the use of Supersets where a person does not take a break between sets, instead exercising a different muscle altogether.

No One Size Fits All

At the end of the day, in order for a workout to be effective, it has to work for you. When working with your trainer to design a workout, don’t forget to also look at factors like your eating styles, your diet and your time commitments. The workout will not be effective unless backed up with nutritious meals every few hours. Also, if the workout is too intensive too early, there will be more chances of you giving up halfway through. Make sure that the workout starts lowly and builds on intensity soon afterward.

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