People are quick to rattle off what they think is a healthy breakfast. Everything from muffins, bagels, idlis and juices are considered healthy but the fact remains that a truly healthy and nutritious breakfast is one that includes protein along with low fat dairy, whole wheat cereal, fruits and vegetables. So what did you eat for breakfast today and are you getting enough protein with breakfast? More often than not, you’re getting enough cereal and fiber but are missing out on protein with breakfast. In order to ensure that your breakfast is both healthy, filling and nutritious, you need to answer the question: Are you getting enough protein with breakfast with a resounding yes.

The Importance of Getting Enough Protein with Breakfast

Research has shown time and again, the latest being in May this year, that a high-protein breakfast keeps a person full longer. This translates to no snacking between meals and no overeating during lunch. There is also evidence that a healthy breakfast helps a person stay within his daily calorie limit, something immensely useful for those looking to lose weight or maintain their weight. An important cornerstone of a healthy and filling breakfast is getting enough protein.

Good Sources of Protein with Breakfast

  • Eggs: Egg whites are the best source of complete proteins available and any breakfast that includes a couple of eggs – not fried in dollops of oil or butter though, will be a healthy breakfast with enough protein.
  • Low-fat Milk: The next best source of lean protein and already a part of most breakfasts that include breakfast cereal. You drank milk as a child for good reason, no reason then to stop now.
  • Lean Chicken and Fish: A breakfast salad or a chicken omelet would ensure killing multiple “birds” with the same stone. Ensure that the meats are lean cuts though. Processed cold cuts don’t count as meat and daily red meat consumption is also not recommended.
  • Soy: The only plant protein that is a complete protein. Remember that though paneer, lentils, spinach and beans are good sources of vegetables with protein, they are not complete protein sources. In order to truly get the benefits of protein, it is important to add soy to your diet if you don’t include any of the other sources.

Concepts of “breakfast like a king” and “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” have been around for years. While everyone still follows them, no one has stopped to consider why they are considered relevant and important. In short, while everyone is getting enough whole wheat cereal, fruits and veggies with breakfast, the question that must be figured out is are you getting enough protein with breakfast?

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