It makes sense right – If you have to lose calories through cardio then the more cardio you do, the more calories you will burn in a day. So therefore does cardio twice a day does help you lose weight faster? The good news is that the theory is spot on accurate. Yes, cardio twice a day will help you lose weight faster. The unfortunate part though is that the logic is incomplete. Healthy weight loss involves a balance of both a healthy diet and regular exercise. So cardio twice a day would shift that equation slightly.

Cardio Twice a Day: What About Intensity?

It’s simple math really. If you’re going to cycle at a slower speed for 30 minutes, you will burn fewer calories than if you push yourself to cycle faster for the same 30 minutes. So rather than spend two lower-intensity session, why not push for one high-intensity session? Unless of course it’s a time issue – If you can afford two 30 min session instead of one 60 min session then by all means, break up the workout, but realize that while you are doing cardio twice a day, you are actually splitting up one session.

Cardio Twice a Day: Energy to Sustain It?

Assuming that you are actually pushing yourself to complete two high-intensity cardio sessions then chances are you will have to alter your diet accordingly. A diet designed for one 30-min workout a day won’t obviously sustain two workouts. Therefore, you would need to eat more to give yourself that energy, bringing the overall calorie deficit back to the same number. If you don’t eat accordingly, you won’t have the energy for the rest of the day – it’s that simple.

Cardio Twice a Day: Moral of the Story

There is a reason that experts suggest that healthy weight loss should be no more than 2 lbs a week. Whether you workout for an intense half hour or a slow one hour, the number of calories used up with be almost similar. Rather than thinking about it as cardio twice a day will help you lose weight faster, think about it this way: Weight gain didn’t happen overnight, it took some time… therefore, losing the weight will take the same amount of time too.

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