According to a recent study this week, it certainly seems so. There are two components to the study conducted by the researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The first one says that no matter what you eat, if you eat more calories than you need, you will put on weight. The second component of the study showed that if you eat more protein than fat (carbohydrates remaining constant), your body stores less fat. In other words, does protein stop fat gain – yes, if you eat more high-protein food, you will put on more lean body mass and store less fat than compared to eating more fatty foods where you will pretty much only be storing fat. This study should be very encouraging to those looking for new high-protein diets. Remember, the does protein stop fat gain question ceases to be relevant if you do not burn calories through exercise.

Will All Protein Stop Fat Gain

Different food sources bring different nutrients to the table. When looking at the benefits of protein – like stopping fat gain and increasing lean body mass – it is important you focus on consuming complete protein foods. Focusing on consuming eggs, soy, dairy, lean white meat and fish should put you on the right track with ensuring that protein stops fat gain.

Does This Mean I Can Eat All I Want?

No – Calories are calories, doesn’t matter if they come from protein, fat or carbohydrates. There is no such thing as good calories or bad calories. If you are eating more than you should, even if for some reason, you’re eating only complete protein foods, you will still gain weight. As per the study, you will not store as much fat but you will store fat nonetheless.

So Exercise is Needed Then?

Absolutely. There is never going to be a substitute for good exercise. For the simple reason that exercise is needed to lead a long and healthy life and not to lose weight. Weight loss and fat loss are two by-products along the way. The long-term benefits of exercise include better heart health and preventing lifestyle diseases – especially relevant for people in urban settings with ridiculous working hours.

That calories are calories and if you eat more calories than you burn (through exercise and just being) then you will put on weight. What is interesting is that high protein overeating seems to show that protein stops fat gain compared to high fat over eating. Therefore, this study only reinforces the well known simple advice that a balanced meal that includes complete protein will help you lose weight and lead a healthy life so long as its balanced with the right amount and intensity of exercise.

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