In an attempt to jump onto the stay fit and healthy bandwagon, everyone from gyms, nutritionists and brands are pushing the “carbohydrates are bad for you” agenda. The problem with this statement is not that carbohydrates are bad for you but that refined carbohydrates are bad for you. Everyone needs certain amount of carbohydrates in order to live, exercise and carry out healthy body functioning. To say carbohydrates are bad for you would be to say don’t eat fruits and vegetables – a highly recommended, healthy source of carbohydrates. What you need to be concerned about, therefore, is why refined carbohydrates are bad for you and why you should stay away from them.

What are Refined Carbohydrates?

Unlike other things in life, with carbohydrates, refined is not a good thing. Simply put, the refining or polishing process gets rid of all the good stuff that a healthy body needs – nutrients and dietary fiber – leaving you with just simple sugars. The difference between whole wheat and refined flour or whole wheat pasta and “regular” pasta is the refining process.

Why Refined Carbohydrates Are Bad For You?

They give you an instant burst of energy and that’s it. Not long after eating, you’ll feel hungry again. The only time one would need such instant bursts in during physical activity. But for everyone else, it makes more sense to consume complex carbohydrates that would ensure that you stay full longer, get enough energy and the body gets the nutrients and fiber it needs. This happens because complex carbohydrates takes longer to digest. Fruits, vegetables and whole wheat cereal are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates have shown a direct link to weight gain because they don’t keep you full for long periods. As a result, on tends to eat bigger meals or snack shortly after their meal. It refined carbohydrates consumption that is the reason for myths like “don’t eat after 6pm” or “eating after dark causes weight gain” to persist. The truth is that a balanced diet will not cause weight gain. On the other hand, refined carbohydrates are bad for you because not only do they not give the body the right nutrition, they actually do cause you to gain weight through overeating.

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